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It took Jeff awhile, but after getting accustomed to the feeling of heels, and a few shaky laps around Rebecca’s bedroom, Jeff began to feel like he was walking like a pro. However, Jeff’s pleasure was short lived as Rebecca stopped him and told him “You have your balance down, but your still not walking like a woman. Swing your hips and give yourself a sway. That’s the only way you will look like a woman in heels instead of a man.” Well how could I say no to such a beautiful woman who made my trip over so enjoyable” Jeff sheepishly replied. Well, Josh,” He started, smiling at me and Katie, who had a huge grin on her face, “Normally I would not allow my daughter to be alone with a boy with out me or her mother meeting him first, I am trusting you to not do any thing stupid or to hurt my little girl.” He looked at Katie, who had turned as red as beet because of her father’s concern for her welfare. Oh come on silly. It’s just a little bit of fun. Just go with it and enjoy yourself!” Rebecca said, completely blowing off Jeff’s complaints. “Alright sweetie, give your new shoes a twirl. Lets see how you handle those new heels!” And with a sharp slap to Jeff’s bottom she sent him off around the room. I’ve still got it on?” I asked looking down, smiling. “I’ve gotten used to it, if that’s what your asking”

Daring And Disturbing Cock Contraptions [NSFW] - Jezebel 27 Daring And Disturbing Cock Contraptions [NSFW] - Jezebel

giggle* Silly it’s a butt plug. I know it feels strange and weird right now but once you get used to it you wont feel right without one. And once you start walking around again on your heels you will see exactly why I thought a butt plug would be a good idea for you.” Umm…well it was more an inquisitive remark than anything. Besides it’s not like I could fit into anything you have.” Jeff replied hoping to get himself out of the clear. Daddy,” Katie responded turning a crimson color because of her dad’s pet name for her, “I’d prefer to tell you in your office.”Great, I was hoping you would choose this one! This corset has so many possible additional features, and it’s just so feminine the way it looks. You are absolutely going to love this. Now strip everything off and we can get you into this sexy piece!” She said as she flung the white corset onto the bed. I spend a lot of money on new clothes for you and you wear Katie’s stuff.” She said with a smile on her face. I grinned. You should wear panty hose to church instead of tights,” she said. “They will look more adult; tights make you look more like a young girl.”

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She blushed and replied “Well I must confess that I have some help in that department. You see I wear corsets and that’s probably why you find my body shape in the state it is.” Oh come on sweetie. Just a minute ago you couldn’t get over how wonderful it felt, and I just wanted to show you some of the other features of this particular corset. I’ll let you out once were all through having fun. I promise.”

Oh I don’t know about that” grinned Rebecca. “You’re only slightly taller than me. Sure you’re more muscular and solid, but I’m sure with some tugging and squeezing I would not only have you in one, but tight-laced as well!”

is getting into skirts, corsets and heels - DeviantArt Jeff is getting into skirts, corsets and heels - DeviantArt

Jeff couldn’t believe what he was reading. How could she have done this and made it sound like it was no big deal, let alone ask if he wanted to see where a relationship with her would go. Hi, Daddy.” The look on the employee’s face, whose name tag her hair had finally uncovered, and read Jessica, turned a bright red. I looked from Jessica to Katie’s dad to Katie. Katie just smiled. So, Katie, Who is this young lady that looks an awful lot like Jen?” He asked. Katie squeezed my hand to confirm my worst fears that she was going to expose me to her father. Little did I know that he would be perfectly accepting, almost adopting me as another daughter.Jeff stretched his hands out to either side of himself to feel if Rebecca was still here. She wasn’t in bed so he assumed that she had gotten up already. It was at that point that Jeff’s senses really started to alert him that something was different. For starters Jeff felt like he was engulfed in soft satin. He just shrugged that off as not being accustomed to the sheets Rebecca had on her bed. But not so easily explained was the weird weight he felt on his chest, the odd feeling of being full in his butt, why his waist felt stiff and constricted, and the fact that his morning hard on seemed to be obstructed and unable to get fully erect. And, Morgan, you need to come over and meet Katie’s mom, and I’m trusting that you will take care of Katie, and if you guys do decide to do any thing foolish, for God’s sake, use protection.” He said to me. Katie turned as red as a Coke can. Ok,” she replied “Were you wanting loafers, boots, sandals and what is your shoe size?” She looked at my feet. Jeff slid into the seat on the airplane. He always hated traveling. It wasn’t so much the comfort factor as he was relatively small at only five foot eight. But nonetheless Jeff always seemed to attract the most undesirable people on the plane who somehow always had to be sitting next to him.

The perfect sponsors and Mistress…. – Locked in Lace

Thanks, and I will have whatever your having.” Jeff replied as he took in Rebecca marvelous apartment. They greeted each other with a huge kiss and a big hug so they sat in the living room three, they were white leather armchairs, on the coffee table there were three glasses of wine. Jeff nervously turned to the mirror Rebecca had at her vanity, half expecting to look like nothing more than a man in drag. Much to his surprise Jeff looked somewhat convincing. The corset and false breasts did wonders to shape his body into a female form, and Rebecca had done an amazing job on his makeup. Combined with the shoulder length brown wig Jeff couldn’t help but admit to himself that Rebecca had done a pretty good job. While he knew he would never pass for a woman under close scrutiny he couldn’t help but think that he just might get by on a casual glance.As the corset continued to tighten Jeff couldn’t help but notice how sensual and erotic the whole experience was. From the firm way it held him, to the way it started to mold and shape him to its shape. Just when he thought she had finished lacing Jeff felt her give the laces sharp tugs before she started to tighten the laces even further. When she was finished Jeff became aware of how the firmness and pressure the corset restricted his breathing. He immediately learned that he would have to take short shallow breaths. Business went well and before Jeff knew it all his meetings were done and he had a week of vacation to spend however he wanted. Initially he had planned on spending it catching up with family and friends. However, the conversation and company of the plane trip kept playing in his mind and it was only a few hours after his last meeting before Jeff found himself standing in front of the door to Rebecca’s apartment. We will go in a minute with them, but first I want to thank you for trusting me to do this task, said Ms. Laurel. Jeff practically melted as Rebecca ran her hands over him. He couldn’t help but think that she had a point. With that he took the panties and slipped into them. He was amazed at how wonderful the silky material felt as they slid up is legs. Enjoying the experience, Jeff couldn’t help but think that perhaps Rebecca was right; they were not that different from his boxers. Sure they were much more smoother, felt really nice, and were cut differently, but they were actually quite pleasant to wear.

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